Why Solana blockchain?

When selecting a blockchain, we set the following criteria that we believed to be the most significant:

Blockchain decentralization

According to Ultimate's publication, the number of nodes in the Solana blockchain significantly exceeds most of the others, but for Ethereum, and amounts to around 1,875 validators!

Source: Ultimate

Ecosystem size

Today, the Solana ecosystem is one of the largest in the cryptocurrency space, with over 300 projects built on this blockchain!

Solana Ecosystem
Source: S◎lanians

Total TVL of the blockchain

Simply put, TVL is the amount of money locked up in a project that reflects its total liquidity. The total current TVL of all projects on the Solana blockchain exceeds $2 billion.

Source: Solana Daily

Participation of institutional investors

Solana managed to attract attention and investments of such major crypto funds as Alameda Research, OKEx, MXC, and dozens of others. Our Golden Clone online strategy is more than 15 years old. Accordingly, the crypto platform, on which we will base further development of the game in the cryptocurrency world, should also be reliable, popular, and have a clear vision.

Source: Dealroom

Transaction speed

Solana's developers claimed that their blockchain can support about 50,000 transactions per second — it's almost 1,000 times faster than the Bitcoin blockchain and 3,000 times faster than Ethereum!

Transaction speed
Source: Justmy2Satoshis

Transaction cost

Transaction cost shouldn't be expensive for an average user. The average transaction fee in the Solana blockchain is 0.000005 SOL, i.e. a tiny fraction of a cent!

Development tools

Reliability and advanced nature of the language used to create smart contracts in this blockchain, as well as convenience and high speed of development using this language.


Prominent developers who have gained experience at Apple, Intel, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and other companies are behind the project. This made it possible for Solana startup to attract investors.

Top cryptocurrency

For over a year, SOL has been listed among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of both capitalization and popularity. It is traded on almost all cryptocurrency exchanges, paired with other popular coins or fiat money.

Solana markets
Source: CoinMarketCap

On the basis of a comprehensive analysis, we decided on the Solana blockchain. The projects already exist based on this blockchain that have conquered the world and attracted millions of users. Perhaps we will be next!