As we have said before, our main goal is to create a harmonious and stress-resistant ecosystem. We believe that by gradually introducing the blockchain technology into our virtual world, we will enhance its sustainability, efficiency, and speed, will make its processes more transparent, and will improve the general security level.

So, what is decentralization, and what are its main advantages?

Source: BitcoinWiki

In the cryptocurrency world, decentralization means that all the network functions aren't supported by a single body (server), but by all the users in the system. Each user is a data storage node and holds information about all transactions in the system. This way to store information makes it simply impossible to lose it. And the most important thing is that you are the one to manage your money.

Let's compare blockchain to a bank:

  • A bank acts as a single body, with all the information about users' transactions being available to it only. If data is lost, it is extremely difficult to restore it. In blockchain, all the information is stored in numerous nodes, so it can be easily restored.

  • Anytime, a bank can debit your funds by mistake, charge a fee for a service you didn't order, or just block/freeze your account, thus denying access to your own money. In fact, it is bank that manages your funds. With blockchain, you personally approve every transaction, so it is impossible to freeze/block your account as well as to perform transactions by mistake.

By choosing blockchain, you gain the right to be the one to manage your assets.