Please note that there are many factors that can affect this plan, its priorities and task order, as well as the tasks themselves. Our community's opinion and recommendations, new technological and time constraints, and many more are of course among these factors. You should clearly understand that any predictions we make are based on our understanding of the situation as of today, so they may be adjusted in the future.

Upcoming updates


  • Q3 2022: Chat migration to more convenient and advanced messengers.
  • Q3 2022: Issue of commemorative NFTs for private rounds.
  • Q3 2022: Migration of the Golden Clone Parliament to support the $CL token.
  • Q4 2022: Adding support of the user interface translations suggested by the community.
  • Q4 2022: Function for delegating voting rights. The first political parties are established.
  • Q4 2022: Listing on CEX/DEX/Swap. Public sale of $CL.
  • Q4 2022: Parliament. Rewards for effective governance.


  • Q1 2023: Implementation of the $CL staking opportunities.
  • Q1 2023: Migration of the mechanism for proposing bills and voting on them to blockchain.
  • Q1 2023: Implementation of the blockchain-based mechanics of the game parameter control.
  • H1 2023: Trading game resources on DEX.
  • 2023: Launching the third, entirely blockchain-based game server.
  • 2023: Establishing Golden Clone DAO.
  • 2023: Auditing the Golden Clone DAO smart contract security.
  • 2023: Transferring control of the community treasury to the DAO.
  • 2023: SDK prototype that allows third-party developers to participate in the ecosystem.

Completed milestones


  • The first collaborative developments on the Conquered Lands server.
  • Introduction of new subsidies for various social statuses of the characters.
  • Government purchases of new resources on both servers.


  • Building landing strips for dragons.
  • The dragon breeding unit updated.
  • Introduction of new in-game chrome and nickel resources, as well as related production facilities.
  • Gold Rush. The characters can now pan out gold.
  • Contests for the best city builders and emperors on the Conquered Lands server.


  • Resumption of the war and victory over General Webman.
  • A new Conquered Lands server launched.
  • Introduction of portals and resource transportation between the servers.
  • The Great Drought.
  • The ability to build wells was added and water appeared.


  • New resources and artifacts made of dragon remains added.
  • The ancient dragon tournament.
  • New war missions added.
  • The war lost and General Webman's temporary government.
  • The "reparation of buildings" storyline added.


  • Basalt deposits were introduced.
  • A new stage of the Megalithic Era project development.
  • "Aqueduct" and "thermae" megalithic structures appeared.
  • Introduction of the buildings' effect on characteristics of the dragons.
  • The "Fire and Claw" dragon tournament.


  • New missions in the protracted war.
  • A new architectural wonder the "Queen of the Night".
  • Awarding the first builders of the new wonder with flagship gadgets.
  • The "Age of Clones in 30 Seconds" promotional video contest.


  • Introduction of a new animal species — dragons.
  • Caves for dragons.
  • New military missions.
  • Introduction of the "dragon rider" skill.
  • Dragons gave birth to the first offspring.


  • The great mentors' tournament.
  • Warfare resumption.
  • Introduction of a new game module "cache riders".
  • Safe boxes for investors appeared.
  • New types of cold weapons.
  • New warships appeared.
  • Genetic engineering was first introduced.


  • The first full-fledged war.
  • Firearms transformation.
  • New military operations and missions.
  • Awarding medals and honors to characters after the end of the war.
  • A new architectural wonder - the "Warrior Statue".
  • A new in-game "Mentoring" module for training newcomers introduced.


  • The first builders of the "Great Spike" architectural wonder are awarded with the memorable Great Architect Pendant.
  • Criminal gangs appeared.
  • The state-owned Glass Smelter established.
  • A new tournament for pig owners: the pig races.
  • The "Clash of Thrones" server launched.
  • Overseas weapons for the characters.


  • Agricultural fertilizers appeared.
  • Cattle trading.
  • Chicken farms appeared.
  • Farmers' tournaments.
  • The state-owned Meat Plant established.
  • Processing resources into the secondary and the tertiary.
  • Great buildings added.
  • A new architectural wonder the "Great Spike".
  • Looting and guarding units introduced.
  • New military characteristics of the characters.


  • The first architectural wonders built.
  • The first builders of architectural wonders are awarded with memorable "Architect Ring" souvenirs.
  • New elixirs appeared.
  • Agriculture launched.
  • Cattle appeared.


  • The "Hunting" game block.
  • The "City Building" game block.
  • The General Staff established.
  • The memorable Imperial Gold Card souvenirs awarded.


  • Securities of the state-owned enterprises issued.
  • The clone auction opened.
  • In-game post office.
  • Princely titles.
  • The stock exchange opened. Security trading.
  • Jewelry shops established.
  • House construction.
  • Increasing capabilities of various construction facilities


  • Principalities appeared.
  • Commodity exchange modernized.
  • State-owned enterprises established: a mill, a transport artel, and a night shelter.
  • The first animals appeared.
  • The state-owned farm established.


  • The game launched.
  • The Parliament established.
  • The in-game chat and forum launched.
  • The Court of Auditors added.
  • The weapon shop opened.
  • Battle tournaments organized.
  • The "Golden Arrow" in-game newspaper founded.
  • The state-owned enterprises opened: a black smithy, a university, and a hospital.
  • The first production enterprises founded: a rock quarry and an iron mine.