Social status

As you can see from the game name, all events in the project are related to the characters (clones). They can build various objects, participate in tournaments and wars, extract resources, and so on.

One of the game characters' important feature is their social status. There are eight such statuses. A handy table shows the statistics: how many characters in a particular status are there in the game at the moment.

Social groups

A newly created clone gets the lowest social status — a pauper. In fact, this level is introductory: a pauper can do a very limited number of game actions. Next, the character's social status will grow consistently, that is, you won't be able to develop your clone, for example, from a pauper to a bourgeois right away.

You can get the first three statuses that follow pauper by studying special disciplines in a public school for a moderate fee. To obtain higher statuses, you will need to fulfill other conditions. To become an emperor, you'll have to cover a long and hard road — you can read about it in the following sections of this white paper.

As their social status rises, clones get an increasing number of game opportunities:

  • New job openings in enterprises.
  • New military ranks and educational programs become available.
  • New possibilities to own animals.
  • The number of fields available for cultivation increases.
  • There's a possibility to open their own business (a jewelry shop, a bank, and so on).
  • New construction possibilities.


Thus, the game boundaries broaden with every new, higher status. Create your characters, upgrade their social statuses, and fully immerse in the world of clones — it's not only fun, but also profitable!