Game character

The player controls their characters by planning their long-term actions. That's how each character participates in the virtual world's economic life and has an opportunity to get passive income. The income amount depends, among other things, on the player's right strategic picture and vision.

The list of clones
The list of clones

On your account, you can create and upgrade tens, hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of characters and individually develop each of them. Just imagine that a character with different professions and special skills daily generates one tenth of a cent as your profit - what an income you will have if you possess thousands of such characters?

There is detailed information about your character on a special page. By switching between characters, you can view all the information, change artifacts and clothes, exchange game knowledge, as well as perform a lot of other actions with the selected character.

The character page
The character page

There you can find the following parameters:

  • Combat gear.
  • Tools.
  • Inventory items.
  • Features.
  • Education.
  • Combat skills.
  • Professional knowledge.
  • the list of businesses where the character works;
  • real estate owned by the character.
The character features
The character features

Although you can have many characters, it's easy to manage them. This is due to automating many of the processes (buying weapons, buying tools, automatic restoration of real estate or other buildings, and so on).

We are evermore striving to reduce the player's involvement in the routine, without reducing the general account profitability. The only process that users are always responsible for is building a profitable development strategy.