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The Golden Clone online strategy trains determination and systemic thinking, thus turning an ordinary person's brain into entrepreneurial mind. In our game, you can develop a lot of useful skills and abilities, as well as gain experience in a variety of activity fields — from a common worker to a majestic emperor who rules a vast infrastructure.

Our clone world offers a lot of opportunities for development — both for a particular game character, and for the user account in general. Every player can find an activity to their liking:


Do you enjoy building different construction and then enhance them? There are plenty of colorful and highly profitable structures in the clone lands. These include luxurious palaces, architectural wonders, megalithic structures, and even amber dragon caves!

Structure nameImage
Irrigation systemIrrigation system
Warrior statueWarrior statue
Carved towerCarved tower
Queen of the nightQueen of the night
Great spikeGreat spike
Great sunflowerGreat sunflower

Urban development

Have you ever come across a project where you can develop a small village into a huge city with lots of businesses and job opportunities? Here, you can become a well-known urban planner, who either participates in the administrative unit formation alone or involves other players.


Would you like to try being a farmer? It's quite possible because our virtual world is inhabited by a variety of animals: pigs, chickens, cows, and even dragons.

Pig breedingBreeding sow
Dragon breedingDragon

Military science

Or maybe you feel like learning military science and joining the battles? You can upgrade your character's military skills and try to gather a great army that will be known for its feats of arms in the entire virtual world!


Are you good at handling orders and fond of trading? It's not only hard cash that you will get on the commodity exchange, but the "Great Merchant" honorary title!

Contests for merchants
Contests for merchants

This is just a brief list of all the possibilities that we'll describe in detail in this section. The development is so comprehensive in our world, and it's up to you to choose what to focus your efforts on to develop your account!