The Clonero token is of significant intrinsic value to the Golden Clone community, which is reflected by the token distribution proportions as well as the long vesting periods. The maximum $CL offer amount is set at 300 million tokens. The further minting is disabled at the blockchain level.

The total amount of tokens is distributed as follows:

DistributionTotal offer%Availability
Ecosystem fund75,000,000254-year vesting period
Liquidity / contingencies45,000,00015Unlocked
Team60,000,000204-year vesting with 1-year cliff
Public sale30,000,00010Unlocked
Private sale90,000,000304-year vesting period

Vesting period

Under the common practice, most of the tokens will be initially locked. The locked tokens will be unlocked within 48 months according to the following schedule:

  • The vesting period for 55% of all tokens (the “private sale” and the “ecosystem fund”) will be 4 years. Thus, 1/48 part (2.08%) will be unlocked every month until the 48th month.
  • The vesting period for 20% of all tokens (the “team”) will be 4 years, with a 1-year cliff. This means that 0% is unlocked during the first 12 months, 25% is unlocked at the end of the 12th month, and 1/48 (2.08%) is unlocked monthly until the 48th month.
DistributionFirst unlockingLast unlocking
Private saleAugust 2022August 2026
Ecosystem fundAugust 2022August 2026
TeamJuly 2023August 2026

The following smart contracts, which have been independently audited for security, are used for Clonero vesting:

Token distribution details

  • Private sale. As it has been said, the key goal of the Clonero token is to improve decentralized community building opportunities. That’s why almost a third of all tokens has initially been offered to our community. It’s our community that has been building our virtual world for years.
  • Team. For many team members, the game is no longer just a job, but is a brainchild, which they give all their free energy to. That’s why, most of us treat the tokens we’ve got not just as a source of speculative profit, but probably as something of much greater value. That’s why we've decided on the 1-year cliff.
  • Ecosystem fund. Tokens from this fund are used for the project development. For example, for encouraging third-party developers to participate in the ecosystem or encouraging players to be more proactive in the community.
    • The $CL tokens from this fund may be used to implement players’ suggestions that have been approved by voting.
    • The game administration may also use the tokens from this fund at their discretion for the above-listed purposes.
    • Moving forward, a community treasury will be formed out of this fund, which will be administered by the Golden Clone DAO.
    • Each case of using the tokens from this fund requires a record in the Transparency section.
  • Liquidity / contingencies. This is an especially important fund with severely limited use options. Its main goal is to ensure the ecosystem stability, security, and prosperity.
    • The game administration can use tokens from this fund for providing liquidity at any time and at its discretion.
    • Using the tokens from this fund due to contingencies must be approved by more than half of the participants of the emergency vote called by the game administration if the latter is sure that such contingencies have occurred.
    • Each case of using the tokens from this fund also requires a record in the Transparency section.