Golden Clone

The Golden Clone Online Strategy White Paper

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The project genesis

In the summer of 2007, the world for the first time saw a mobile operating system, which still accounts for a significant market share — iOS™. A year later, Android™— its main competitor — penetrated the market. At that time, no one heard such words as "cryptocurrency" or "bitcoin": they will appear only in 2009.

However, it's in the spring of 2007 that our Golden Clone online strategy was launched - before all the above-mentioned IT industry shocks. Since that time, it has been moving through time like a constant, constantly evolving and retaining its solid economic spine. Golden Clone is like a small tree planted in 2007. With the game modules growing larger and the virtual world scaling year by year, the game has now become a sprawling oak with a solid trunk and a huge crown.


At first, the main idea of the game was to evaluate the impact of different economic models on a virtual land populated by characters called clones. It wasn't long until the game began to evolve from a simple economic simulator into a full-fledged virtual world. Year by year, our community grew and got stronger and closer-knit. Many users found game modules of interest, gained knowledge, and broadened their horizons.

Present time

After 15 years of development, Golden Clone is a global online strategy game that is living an intense economic, social, and political life. Just like the real one, our game world never stops — it keeps evolving and enhancing.

An entire generation has grown up playing our online strategy: those who joined the clone world at 18 have already reached 33, and those who were 33 at that time have already celebrated 48! The skills many of them gained in the project made it possible for them to become successful traders, businessmen, or top managers not only in the virtual space, but in the real life as well!

Thanks to its strong community and other players' demand for the resources earned in the game, Golden Clone has also acquired certain features of a social network and a Play-to-Earn platform.

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Our mission

Our mission is to create a harmonious and stress-resistant ecosystem based on the democratic principles that will provide a fun and rewarding pastime for our community: playing, sharing experience, mastering the basics of financial literacy and careful attitude to resources, and of course, earning. We want the virtual world to teach you to be attentive and punctual, to analyze and negotiate, to think and calculate, to save and achieve your goals!


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